Aquaponics Ebb And Flow System Design

An ebb and flow system is a common and highly effective aquaponics setup. Also commonly referred to as a flood and drain system, ebb and flow systems are widely used in commercial and personal aquaponics because they offer many benefits, including increased root oxygenation and consistent water circulation. These benefits can improve plant growth, ensure

Keeping Your Aquaponic Fish Healthy And Happy

Within an aquaponics system, there is a delicate ecosystem made up of water, fish, bacteria, and plants. Each part of the system must be healthy for everything to work. Healthy fish are required to produce ammonia waste for conversion by the bacteria into nutritious food for the plants. If the fish suffer, waste production slows

Deep Water Culture in Aquaponics

Deep Water Culture or DWC aquaponics is a modern variation of one of the most ancient forms of hydroponics or aquaponics. DWC systems are set up similarly the way that ancient civilizations like the Aztecs and the earliest Asian cultures farmed. Not only have they been proven effective by this long history, but deep water

Backyard Koi Pond For Aquaponics

Koi are one of the most popular fish used in aquaponics, and for good reason. Aquaponics with koi fish is often highly successful because these fish are well adapted to aquaponic setups. They have a long life span and easily live and breed within the system. This is because koi have long been kept in

pH Levels In Aquaponics

The pH levels of the water in your aquaponic system is another important consideration. Aquaponic pH control is essential to the health of your fish, plants, and the bacteria colony that makes the whole system work. When the pH level is outside of an appropriate range, it can cause poor plant and fish growth and

Natural Pest Control In Aquaponics

Natural pest control is an important consideration when it comes to establishing and maintaining an aquaponics system. Keeping your aquaponic system organic is one way to make sure the plants, fish, and food you harvest are safe and edible. Too many chemicals can be dangerous to both the fish and the people working with them.

Bell Siphon For Aquaponics

A bell siphon is a critical component of an ebb and flow aquaponics system. In an ebb and flow system, the hydroponic plant beds are filled with water, completely covering the plant’s roots and then drained of all the water, leaving the roots temporarily exposed and able to take in oxygen. These systems, also known

Aquaponics Plants

There is a lot to consider when choosing plants for your aquaponic system. Making the right choices in aquaponics plants is essential to the success of the system and the success of your harvest. If the plants do not grow healthy and strong, it affects the water purity and can be detrimental to the fish.

Methods Of Cycling In Aquaponics

Cycling in aquaponics is one of the most important processes when starting an aquaponics system. It is essential to the success of the system, the health of the fish, and the growth of the hydroponic plants. Cycling in aquaponics refers to the process of establishing a healthy bacteria colony within the system. Without the bacteria,

The Nitrogen Cycle

The most important part of an aquaponic system is not the fish or the plants. The key component is actually single-celled microorganisms known commonly as nitrifying bacteria. These little organisms are essential to successful aquaponic gardening because they create the nitrogen cycle that turns fish waste into plant food. This conversion from waste into useful